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Welcome toThe LoveWorld Archives 2017

The Loveworld Archives was established to capture, document and exhibit the BLW ministry historical events, milestones and happenings since its onset over three decades ago.

Why choose Us?

The LoveWorld ArchivesA place of inspiration

The Loveworld Archives is a project birthed by the Spirit of God for a rich ministry impact. It has successfully held for the past three years (2014, 2015 & 2016). It is a place that ministers very specially and uniquely to all visitors which includes our pastors, partners and special guests. Inspiring testimonies have come in from all over the world, clearly attesting to this.

Why choose Us?

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A visit to the LoveWorld archives is a journey into the history of the BLW nation. The experience at the LoveWorld archives is wonderful and anyone who visited has a unique story to tell.

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