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Testimonies from around the world

Ms. Onoguren - Nigeria

I received healing in my legs. Also my mother is strengthen by God's Spirit.

Mrs. Uruemu - Nigeria

God has been awesome for preserving my hubby's job through the plandemic, God made me have a shop space that others had been denied of and increased my business and vision for my business in this year of my perfection 2020

Mrs. Julliet - Cameroon

I thank God for the salvation of souls especially family members and the lifting up in every area of our lives this year 2020. What we could not achieve for many years was made possible. Thank God for our man of God pastor Chris and his teachings. God bless you sir.

Sister Elizabeth - South Africa

I thank God for blessing us by giving us Our Great Man of God, who by the Spirit, prayer was, and is being made without ceasing, for all men, Saints and even the unsaved, thank you Pastor Sir

Mr. Thomas - India

Shalom ..I am blessed by the teaching of the word of God by Pastor Chris ....Christ in Me the Hope of Glory

Mrs. Cathleen - South Africa

I want to thank the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Now I have wisdom, knowledge and the spirit of understanding. That's because of all the teachings, healing prayers and the importance of the word of God. Things really are changed in my life and I move only forward and upwards. I Stand with boldness and courage. God bless the man of God and everything around him

Joyful - South Africa

Thanks to your prayers Pastor my stomach pains are healed

Mrs. Cathleen - South Africa

Thank you to the man of God, I'm covered with the blood of Jesus. No sickness in my body or any infirmity. Special thanx pastor Chris. This whole year I'm walking in Gods perfect will. And all the prayers from christ Embassy church I'm so thankful. And I honor the man of God with all those who allways helping me and contact me to make me aware whats coming up.My life is changed and I am blessed in every step of the way.

Mr. Mesumbe - Cameroon

I thank Pastor Chris for this wonderful ministry. From when I decided to be part of this ministry, I discovered that I no longer use reading glasses. I thank the Pastor of CE Town Green Kumba who you assigned to follow me up .

Mr. Manfouo - Cameroon

Am healed in my body by the power of the holy ghost through our man of God, Thanks muchly Pastor Sir

Pastor EJIKE - Nigeria

Greater Healing anointing in my life

Mr. Lot - Botswana

I am so grateful to be part of Global Day of Prayer with our Dear man of God Rev Dr Christ. We are making a great impact to paralyze the plans of the devil.

Mr. Tuelo - South Africa

I praise and thank God for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,in the midst of challenges I can still stand and declare the Word of God with faith without any doubts and fear.I know who I am today because of Christ and I was a shy person but today I can preach the gospel of Christ Jesus without any worry.. Hallelujah

Mrs. Celiwe Catherine - South Africa

Thanking God for His revelation Power and the Holy Ghost upon my life and my family's life. I Give God All the GLORY and HONOR HIS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED. Amen

Sister Zoda - Belize

I thank God for continuos blessing upon my family and for giving us health and strenght

Ms. Joy - Nigeria

It is such a privilege to cause things to happen through prayer, Special thanks to my Man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. While we prayed tonight, I was led to pray for my niece who is just 2 years old. After the prayer, I got a call from her mum saying she was bathing my niece and a Louvre fell out and shattered the toilet seat. Both of them were unharmed, Praise God.

Mrs. ajangha - Cameroon

I am so happy that we have a man of God as our pastor Chris oyakilome he's such a man worth following he has made me understand that the word of God is life and the more I study it the more life I have . His Also made understand the times in which we are leaving in . Pastor Sir may God contineouesly empower you more and more with his word in Jesus name

Pastor Felicia - Nigeria

My sister just got healed, hallelujah,it happens while pastor is praying

Mrs. Chioma - Nigeria

I want to say a big thank you to God Almighty for using Pastor Chris to deliver me from a big temptation which l believed was designed by the devil to steal my soul. I thank God that l was able to stand firm and defend my faith and keep my soul firm in Christ. Thank you so much, pastor Chris for all you do in the body of Christ. I love you so much.

Ms. Sharon - Nigeria

Praise the Lord!!! I received miracle monies Hallelujah

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