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Testimonies from around the world

Ms. Adut from Uganda

I thank God for my Pastor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the great gift and blessing in my life, Pastor teaches us how to use the word and get results, I work in divine health everyday of my life because of the word of God.

Evangelist Eze from Nigeria

I am thanking God for Pastor Chris, for using him to make me understand the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Honestly, every message is not the Gospel. Praise God!

Pastor Allen from Nigeria

The healing school has been a source of extraordinary faith for me..when I watch the video.. I feel highly elevated Thank you pastor Chris for being available to God.. God bless you

Sister Wanai from Zimbabwe

I want to give God all the Glory .His word is truly medicine to our flesh.I am healed of cancer.I am totally free and strong.Thankomo you Jesus!

Doctor Charles from Ireland

Thank you Pastor for your leadership and nurture. I love you.

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you Lord for making me the partaker of the word of God to nite halelujah semebody. The liord good glory to our great man of God oasto Chris thank you lord

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you lord for restoring back my health again thank father for blessing my family . all time hallelujah thanks to our great man of god for the good work he is doing all over the world hallelujah

Sister Gift from Nigeria

God has made his words more real to me through our dear man of God. Thank you pastor for saying yes to call of God.

Ms. Margaret from Uganda

Thank you Pastor sir for the healing of nations. Good bless you mightily. Glory

Mrs. Perekayi from Zimbabwe

Miraculously healed of blurred vision after throwing up and diagnosed of ulcers

Ms. Tumelo from South Africa

I am healed of depression,anxiety,pcos,and stomach ulcers thank you Jesus

Pastor Mpho Julia from South Africa

I am healed from halitosis and I'm financially loaded

Mr. Feli6 from Nigeria

The grace of the upper hand has more recognition and promotion is everywhere. Felix Asemota. Benin zone 1... Nigeria

Pastor Augustine from Nigeria

Thank God. I am revived by the message.

Pastor R. from India

I m basically belong to Hindu family but Jesus saved my life and I accept Jesus as my savior

Ms. Parmani from India

Here today i would like to share my personal testimony.. thnku for this opportunity to share my testimony... My spiritual growth, wisdom and faith has been increased... During our Global day of prayer with our Man of God Pastor chris i received my blessings... Nd i know about the meditation on the word of god nd the word has a more powerful in ur lyf... It gives peace, strength and happiness...Thnkusomuch... i am so Happy nd excited... God bless you pastor chris more nd more... glory to god..??

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

glory to the lord Jesus Chris for healing my. pody pain thank jesusmb thank you pastor our wonderful man of god

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you lord for drawing me closer to your word . thank you Jesus. for making. one of those that will receive your. great anoiting. finite. my. best regards. to our great. man of god pastor chris

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you lord for answering my prayer thank you Jesus for showing me love all time .hallelujah . thank you great man of god pastor chris

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you lord for healing my brother from. seriouse injury am so happy now my big thanks to. our. great pastor chris t for his good work all over the world . hallelujah.

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you lord for answering my prayers this new month .thanks to our wonderful pastor for his wonderful work that he's doing worldwide am so. happy and excited halellujah. somebody

Brother Noble from Uganda

Thank you for this opportunity to share my testimony. I shared a link with one of my aunties in the UAE during the phase 6 of YourLoveworld with our Man of God Pastor Chris and she has been attending all the sessions since and even the WordFest and it during this period that she received a miracle job(with much better conditions than the previous) after nearly 10 months of not working. Another aunt here in Uganda also received a Miracle Job during this period of so many restrictions also after a

Sister Linda from United Arab Emirates

Thanks to God almighty in this global day of prayer by our Man of God, my prayer life has been revived. I thank God for healing me completely from noise pleading and bone crack in my leg. Since 2017 I have been in n challenge of this problem of pleading. But during this period of praying, all my body is completely healthy and strong. I thank God for my sister name Peace Chima, she has not been walking for many years now. But on the 9th of April 2020 during our global day of prayer with our Man

Pastor Ratnadeep from India

My name is Ratnadeep Cosmos from Pune India and the Ministry name is The King's Palace church. I thank God for the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, my mentor, my life coach and my best teacher in the whole world. I have been seeing many miracles and things have been unlocked in my life and ministry after receiving impartation and the powerful Word teaching from the man of God. My life has taken a 360-turn after meeting the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Thank you so dear man of God.

Brother Fred from United Arab Emirates

Thanks to God this Global day of prayer by our man of God, my prayer life has been revived. Thanks to my Man of God, my coach, my teacher Pr Chris. You have taught me the way of God, thanks Sir.

Mr. Martin from Ghana

Glory to God I want to thank pastor for opening my understanding to the word, Now I know what I carry and what I can do thank so much pastor sir, I love you dearly

Mrs. Best from Nigeria

My life has change forever because of the word of God I hear from our man of God pastor Chris

Mr. Isaiah from Nigeria

Healed of multiple ailments ranging from fever to bacterial infections. HALLELUJAH.

Ms. Onoguren from Nigeria

I just received healing in my body. Severe pains has disappeared

Evangelist Édith Marie from Cote d

Je rends grâce à Dieu car depuis je suis les émissions de CHRIS EMBASSY et l'école de guérison surtout avec Romain 10/9_10de ma vie et celle de ma famille a été repositionnée et nous vivons la folie de la foi, les guérisons, le surnaturel chaque jour jour. Gloire à Dieu et Merci Pst Chris

Mrs. Bih from Cameroon

I have recieved healing in my body

Brother PARIGUI from Gabon

Hi beloved brethren in Christ, this is my testimony. In the beginning of our online services sessions by grace of God I got a promotion in my job, everybody i know says that it's a miracle, and I'm going to my work even when others are forced to stay at home. Thank you my Pastor Chris, Pastor Steven Johnson, Pastor Louise OYOKO, Pastor IYke and all the Pastors and brethren for these beautiful sessions and for their prayers. I Glorify the almighty Lord

Mr. Edmore Tanyaradzwa from South Africa

I thank God, ever since l have partnered with Healing school, my life has changed in so many ways. My sister got healed, my family has divine health and we enjoying Gods Grace Favour Blessed be God forever

Mr. Photizo from United Arab Emirates

Ever since I heard Pastor explain John 16:17-18 , I became a healer not only for others but also for my body simply by laying my hand . I thank Pastor Chris for such an understanding of the Scripture that he lavished on us everyday..

Ms. Sikhangele Lunah from South Africa

Ever since I visited the Healing School I have never had any challenge health wise and l have not swallowed a single tablet. Not even a headache. I give God the glory. I was healed of depression, bipolar disorder & HIV.

Mr. christian from Nigeria

My genotype changed from As to AA since i became a healing school partner. Glory to God.

Mr. Mpi from Nigeria

God has given me grace that brought in favour and upper hand, glory to his Name forevermore..

Ms. Mashela from South Africa

Thank Pastor i received healing of my womb. My husband and i just recently got married and we want to have children. As a 44 year old woman i am told that is biologically difficult for me to conceive but i know that today i have received and my womb is renewed. The Lord has renewed my youth Glory to God!

Ms. Mashela from South Africa

Thank you Pastor for all these services. i want to thank God you for the healing of my body. i have received healing from severe headaches and sharp pain on my shoulder pad during one of the services. Today was absolutely awesome. The presence of the Lord was so amazing in my house. My spirit is uplifted to higher levels. I am so grateful to the Spirit of The Lord. Thank you Sir

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you Jesus for healing my her shead injury halellujah

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you pastor for the wonderful work you are doing.

Mrs. Janet from Kenya

THANK YOU PASTOR CHRIS for feeding us with word of God i love you Sir since pastor started sharing and enlighting us concerning Covid 19 i was convinced in my spirit no evil can fall on us i have been going to work daily and God kept me safe and pastor made my faith to be so strong , that everyday i had strength to share to my work mates not to fear at all thank you pastor i love you

Pastor Sunny from Sao Tome and Principe

i want to use this opportunity to thank pastor Chris for his teaching and Answering the call of God . i got heal in one of the broadcast of the second week, i had a pain on my knee for about a week . during the program pastor Mention my case and pray for me .. since the pain is God.

Mrs. Chetna from United States

Thank you pastor In this lockdown me my husband is at home from last two months and we start watching your fast and prayers program and we had in heart how our rent will be paid. And one day we received by cheque by mail .this was a surprise for us it was a gift from our foothill church .we never ask anyone except Lord. There are healing testimony also as my husband pray for sick people receive healing too.all glory to God

Mrs. Zanele from South Africa

I m so inspired the word and the prayers i m so strong in my faith. And i m so excited of my expectant of my Lord

Mrs. Sylvie from South Africa

Thank you Pastor Sir for teaching us the undiluted word of God. We are increased in wisdom,knowledge and understanding. Glory!

Mrs. Julia from United Kingdom

I would like to thank every one for your prayers, words does not describe how Me and the entire family are feeling, my wife is now at home after going through Hospital after Hospital and the last time was in intensive care, but god is Good, your prayers made a massive impact. Thank you very much. Claudio

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you pastor for inspiring us with the word God

Pastor Bubusi from South Africa

I live a life of Supernatural health because of The Word, grace and anointing from My own Man of God and Prophet

Ms. Helen from Belize

I am thankful for what I have learnt from Pastor Chris,' messages this week during the three days of prayer and fasting. Praise God it was a real blessing. I have never experienced prayer and fasting like this. Powerful!!

Pastor Eunice from Nigeria

It’s been an amazing time for me. Am lifted and blessed. I received tremendous revelations. Glory to God

Mr. Mackson from Nigeria

Thank you so much Pastor sir for these great insight into reality. Our eyes are open now. I deeply appreciate you sir.

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you Jesus for our dear pastor for his good work of God in our life

Mr. Godwin from Nigeria

Is been awesome for the past few weeks,pastor has really opened my eyes and makes me to go deeper in study,praying and doing alot of resreach. Am really greatful to God almighty. Thank I have come to know more about this world with the deeper revelations from God through our dear man of God. Thank u pastor sir.

Ms. Jennifer from Nigeria

Thank you so much pastor sir, it's been so awesome and of notable testimonies.

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Thank you Jesus am healed from stomach ulser .halellujah

Pastor NELSON from Nigeria

It has been a refreshing time of prayer, nothing like it, I am grateful to God for such time and to our man of God Pastor Chris bringing us under his teaching and leading us to pray not that pastor told us to pray but he leads us, what a great privilege I am eternally grateful sir. The prayer time has cause more fire in me to pray, for degrees were made through our spiritual legislation, obnoxious law have been changed in Nations of the world for we are enable by God to do so. Glory to God.

Ms. Monisola from Nigeria

I want to thank our dear man of God for insight into God's word in the last few weeks, it's really been amazing and l am grateful.

Mr. Aaron from South Africa

I have put the word of God to work and to say the truth the word works I am slicing testimony , since2005 up to day I don't get sick ,I have not been in hospital, I may flee pain but it can not stay for 30 minutes, just a word it is gone I thank God for giving me this life and the man of God Pastor Chris

Mrs. Antoinette from Cote d

J'ai été bénie par es enseignements de notre homme de Dieu je rends de nombreuses actions de grâce à Dieu pour lui ,je maintenant qui je suis et j'ai.des armes nécessaires pour affronter la puissance des ténèbres

Ms. Joshua from Nigeria

Pastor Chris is a blessing to me, my life as been from glory to glory.

Mr. Feli6 from Nigeria

Felix from Benin city zone 1 Nigeria Highly esteemed Pastor sir! You have proven to me that we can change any thing by being filled with the holy ghost and by allowing the holy Spirit to pray through us. It s testimonies all the way.

Pastor EvelynChrist from United States

I thank God for His Son Jesus Christ who has manifested in our Man God this great wisdom to stand and bring the church out of this foreboding darkness. The HolyGhost Refreshing Ministry stand strong with you Sir!

Ms. Moronke from Nigeria

I want to specially thank my GOD for HIS HOLY SPIRIT that enables me to pray and fast, Before it was difficult for me to fast for six hours. When I asked my Savior for the grace, HE made the provision. Peaise the LORD for ever more. HALLELUJAH!

Mr. Sourou Arthur from Togo

Merci seigneur de m' avoir Donner comme pere spirituel l' homme de Dieu a Travers qui je sais qui je suis dans les seigneur et qui m' a permis de prendre ma place et de jouir mon heritage. J' en suis reconnaissant. Merci pasteur

Mr. Asindu from Uganda

I have fully come to the knowledge of trueth through the teachings of the man of God pastor chris. now i am free, no longer guilty of sin and i know Christ dwells in my body. and am the righteousness of God

Mrs. Agbi from Nigeria

I want to thank God for the Influnce of God's spirit in my and for the increase in wisdom I've received in this passed weeks listening to our man of God pastor Chris, my faith has increase and my boldness about the things of God is in a new and higher level

Mrs. Nkiru from Nigeria

God's Word saved me from death.

Ms. Omobude from Nigeria

Thank God for our esteem man of God pastor Chris f the great insight into the word of God No fear in me anymore am strengthen in my inner man glory to God

Mr. Hassan from Sierra Leone

God Grace in my life

Mr. Ikese from Nigeria

I acknowledge God for the revelation of his word given to our esteemed man of God pastor Chris, since I began to partake in the the teaching of his grace i have no longer worries about life instead I seen hope in every way possible.gloy to God

Mrs. Uduak from Nigeria

Thank you Pastor Sir for the word ,prayer, glory, revelation,knowledge,wisdom. I had this excruciating pain from my waist down to my leg,my right side. I couldn't word properly but I decided to handle it spiritually but I got healed the movement prayed that you are healed of that pain. I'm so free and walking normally. I keep thanking God daily for a time and season of your loveworld with Pastor. God Bless you sir.

Ms. ONYEASO from Nigeria


Ms. Idani from Benin

Gloire a Dieu, je veut dit merci a pasteur Chris pour la nourriture solide qu'il nous donné chaque jour a travers le glorieux Saint Esprit, pasteur je vous aime beaucoup

Mr. Feli6 from Nigeria

Felix upper ekenwan 2 Benin zone1 Thank you sir for not allowing us to be the dark

Ms. Moronke from Nigeria

I want to specially thank GOD my father and JESUS CHRIST for their miraculous protection and provision during this COVID-19 pandemic. the evil one did not capture me and my family. PRAISE THE LORD! Hallelujah

Mr. Feli6 from Nigeria

Thanks esteemed Rev Chris sir my life coach for the countless opportunity to to relevant to my generation, and awesome teachings, power pack prayers prayer session. Thank you for not leaving us in the dark. On behalf CE upper ekenwan 2 Benin zone 1 world.

Mr. Sande from Uganda

I had paining and itchy eyes and it was cumbersome for me to use computer but as the Man of God mentioned about the case of the eyes ,I got excellence in my eyes. They're now perfect, no itching at all!! Glory to God . Thank you Pastor Sir

Ms. Flaviana from Kenya

I thank God for healing me from fibriods

Ms. Esther from Nigeria

Ms Esther from Nigeria, I give all glory to God for healing me from chest pain. Glory to God forever more.

Mr. Dee-y from Nigeria

I thank God for healing me of cough, the symptoms has be on for more than 3 months , I just thank Him for healing me through the man Pastor Chris during the prayer

Ms. Gloria from Uganda

I thank God for healing me from allergies, during communion service as Pastor Chris was praying for the sick. Glory to God

Mr. King Rhema from Nigeria

Glorrrrryyyy,I thank God for healing me and little baby of hypertension and fever.We remain great full to God for His mercies..

Ms. Isoken from Nigeria

Glory to God, I receive my healing. For years I've been having ear problem. And sometimes I feel pains in my right ear, but as pastor prayed for the sick during the Communion service, I received my healing. Hallelujah!!

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Hallelujah am free from cold and body pain glory to the Lord .

Mrs. Joycelin from Canada

My husband ,my son and myself was infected with covid 19 , as I join pastor chris on the loveworld program we had a very very speedy . recovery. Faith was built up and fear decreases . Hallelujah for christ embassy

Mr. Samuel from Nigeria

God healed me from all kinds of blood diseases which doctors gave a verdict I wouldn't last till this time. But to d glory of God I'm still standing healthy and alive.. Glory. Through the help of great members in church who followed delegently pastors christ teachings..

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Am healing from fever nd body pain hallelujahh

Ms. Ngozi from Nigeria

Thank you for God Healing me from Heart disease.

Mrs. Agnes from Zimbabwe

I received my healing from God through our man of God Dr Chris Oyakhilome last year in April . I am free from severe Hypertension which is now history

Ms. Elizabeth from South Africa

Amen,thank you Pastor for the revelation of things to come,thank you Pastor Sir,we will pray at all times.

Mrs. Gloria from South Africa

I receive my healing, I used to have numbness in my face, right side and my eye were becoming blare and itching, but now Iam totally healed. I give glory to God.

Deaconess Essoukou from Gabon

I was healing, I have a painful in my shoulder, I can't doing anything. But now I'm feeling well. Thank God , to choose the man of God to help us. Long life to you Pastor Chris, may God bless you. I give thanks ours Lord Jesus christ to make Pastor Chris OYAKILOME in my route.

Ms. Adjerese from Nigeria

My mum and dad has been ill so I prayed acted on my faith through out this program with pastor, I also ensured to sponsor rhapsody of realities and now they are healthy and strong The second testimony is that my prayer life has improved and we now have a family prayer time in my house. Glorrrrry

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

Am enjoying the love world programme great man of Godnpastor Christ glorrrryyy

Mr. Michael from Nigeria

hallelujahhh am happy today I've regained my heath thank you great pastor

Ms. Veronica from Cote d

My heart is full of joy. I thank God for what He has in my life.

Mr. Charles from South Africa

I was healed from HIV, since i came from the healing school, i went for test five times and in all these times im found Nagative from HIV. I give thanks to our lord Jesus Christ through our man of God Rev Dr Chriss Oyakhilome for healing me from this HIV that was in me and no more shall it come back in my life, praise lord. Im brother Charles Moyo from South Africa zone 2.

Mr. Edmund from Nigeria

My testimony is as I listen to pastor analysis on the book of Revelation I know that if i wasn't ambassador I don't know what my life would have become thanks be unto God for blessing me with a man of God pastor Chris aka the wisdom of God. Thank you pastor sir may God continue feeling u with wisdom in Jesus Amen.

Mr. DAVID from Uganda

My understanding of the Spirit has opened up so Mightily to see the things of the Spirit of God and walk in it regarding the time and the season because of this three weeks of Prayers and Fasting with the man of God Pastor Rev. Dr.Chris Oyakhilome, Dsc. D D. I am preparing myself for the first flight like never before.